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The Journey to True Entrepreneurship

          In October of 2018, I set off to achieve my goal of becoming an entrepreneur, a true entrepreneur.  
          A true entrepreneur, I believe, is someone who has successfully established a business so well, in all departments, with such a great team, that the whole business, with that team, can run itself.  

Share know-how generously

          In my last position as V.P. of Business Development at the #1 firm in marketing systems for financial advisors, I learned so much from my boss and mentor Bill Good.  He was so generous, not just to clients and staff, but to prospects too, and I plan, in my own business, on being that generous also. 

Establish what works, and keep doing it

          I've learned so much about public relations, organization, branding, positioning, training, and essentially how people can dramatically grow their business.  I have at my core a simple and powerful principle that I use for myself, and plan to help others to use too..."Establish what works, and keep doing it." 

The fundamentals of business organization work for all businesses

          Over the years, I've consulted numerous people in various businesses and I learned a simple lesson: The fundamentals of organization work for all businesses. Management, human resources, marketing, standard financial practices, excellent production processes and procedures, solid quality control, and consistent business development works in every kind of business. 
          These things helped me to double the revenue of my department in two years and get promoted to V.P.  It helped me organize a sign making firm, make two staff recommendations which after being filled, resulted in a double in their revenue in a matter of months.   
         The workability of establishing best practices in a business to enable it to grow dramatically is true for any business.  
         I set out to fulfill my entrepreneurial dreams, and in doing so I'd like to help you achieve yours.
The Road to Independence
  •  GOAL: Become a TRUE entrepreneur
  •  POLICY: Share know-how generously with clients, prospects and staff.
  •  POLICY: establish what works in your organization and keep doing it.
  •  POLICY: Help everyone apply the fundamentals of business organization. 
  • BEST PRACTICE: service is king! The more you help others succeed, the more you succeed.
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          Hello and welcome! My name is Crispin Sandford! Thank you for making it here.  Please join my journey by clicking the "Join The Journey" link below, and receive regular insights which I believe can help you on your journey too.

          It's an exciting time for many of us as we take those next steps toward making our reality a dream and our dream a reality.  For some of you, you are here for marketing advice, business expansion principles, or to make your creative endeavors a reality (film scripts, poetry). For others it's guidance on the journey to a more fulfilled and meaningful career, as well as a more meaningful and fulfilled life.  Ray Dalio, the creator of the worlds biggest private hedge fund, discusses the principles of "meaningful work and meaningful relationships," and I see these as vital to any successful life. Whatever your reasons for coming here, please click below to join the journey.
"Make your reality a dream, and your dream a reality."
- Crispin Sandford - 
Stage 1: Get Organized for results
          I find organization (getting an activity in good order and functioning properly), a pleasure. I love it in fact. It is a passion for me. But the only individual I ever worked with, that had every Dept. of a standard business organization represented in her business materials, is my wife. I was very impressed. 
          A lot of people think that getting things organized is impossible. Many people think that paperwork is the stuff of nightmares. When I see the way most businesses are set up, the way their administrative procedures and business procedures are set up, they are a nightmare. 
          We spend a lot of time at work. It should be engaging, interesting and basically smooth running, to work with our colleagues and get our work done. It normally is not. People very often, won't take the time to get things set up properly. They don't always believe organization, administration and production lines really deserve much work. People often just "get on with it" and do not actually take the time to fully establish a standard business modal at work. 
          The benefits of being organized are extreme. Business can be more engaging and interesting. If you want a well-run business that can turn on a dime, and handle emergencies smoothly...then it has to be organized. Stage 1 of the work I often do with a business is to get them organized in order for them to be organized.
Stage 2: Establish a true to yourself and true to your market business strategy.
          What you bring to your work, job, dept., division, to your small business or your career, IS part of the value you bring into the world. Putting that in writing helps you to better establish that value and build it, to improve it. When you put a business in writing, with your know-how, and create content for the public arena, it's much easier to establish yourself as an expert. As an expert you're in a better position to create information products and services that people will desire. When you bring more value to your staff, prospects, customers and clients, you create more value in the market place and a greater chance at wealth.
          Putting your know-how in writing is at the very foundation of making your reality a dream, and your dream a reality. Putting your know-how in writing is at the heart of the true to yourself business strategy.
Stage 3: Establish best practices to get set-up to scale up.
          Too often, businesses are run from memory, coffee stained sheets of paper with scribbles on them, and sticky notes. This does not help training or help the organization meet steep production demands and it definitely does not scale.
          Once a business is organized with its business functions and procedures in writing, and all the staff are trained and drilled...then you can scale.
Stage 4: Establish Targeted Marketing and Targeted Business Development
          There are people out in the marketplace, like those you currently serve. Offering the services and results that your satisfied customers enjoy, get's you more and better prospects. Building trust and agreement with them, makes it easier to come to terms with them, close them and deliver your products and services to them. 
          Real expansion requires new clients, and requires new clients in volume. 
          When a business relies on one marketing strategy to their current client base, they are at risk. One source of new clients i.e. referrals, puts a business in danger of financial emergencies. Several targeted marketing strategies to your customers and clients will improve your market. Targeted business development - offers to new markets - builds new relationships, new business and more markets.
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